Round Tour With Oldtimer

You are nevergetting old, you become classis. Just like a vintage car.

I have selected this excursion, as I believe that if you do something…you must do it right. Being driven in a very special Oldtimer isn’t something you do every day or every year. That’s why this excursion is so special. You can pick the Oldtimer you like best and get your driver for free. During your round trip through the beautiful Andalusia you will steal the show in this unique Oldtimer. People often say…..In the past things used to be better. Well, that doesn’t apply to everything, but to Oldtimers it does.

Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller!

  • You will be picked up at your apartment and brought back again. After the tour you can walk around in the city, enjoy a lunch etc. You call us when you would like to be picked up again. The tour will be done in English and German.
  • Duration: you decide, starting from 1 hour.
  • Cost: 300 euro per hour.