Creative Workshop

Creativity is having fun in your brain!

This workshop is for anyone who has already discovered or is yet to discover his/her creative talent. The enthusiastic lady who gives this workshop, is extremely creative. You can choose what you like most: Glass painting, cart painting, stone painting or fan painting and many more, it is all up to you! With her help, anyone can create a lasting memory of your holiday. When you are done, I promise you that you will be proud of yourself and that of course will be sealed with a nice glass of wine and tapas!

  • The workshop is done in Dutch and English.
  • Duration: 3 hours
    Included: workshop and materials, transportation from your doorstep and back
  • Kosten:
    2 personen 47,00 p.p.
    3 personen 42,00 p.p.
    4 personen 40,00 p.p
    5 personen 38,00 p.p.
    6 personen 37,00 p.p.